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7 ways to Keep Clients Loyal and Happy!

In this day and age, it’s difficult to gain new clients, so it is even more important to invest time in nurturing the ones you already have.

Happy clients will stay clients. Happy clients will buy more from you. Happy clients will consistently give you referrals.

One of the main reasons why clients leave financial advisors is because they feel unhappy and uncared for and treated as if they were “just another number”. Put yourself in their position, how would you feel?

When doing business, there are several ways you can show you care for your clients and are willing to invest time to make them happy.

Set aside time to call or visit your clients regularly (even via Zoom, FaceTime, or Facebook Messenger). This should be a casual visit and not necessarily a business call. After all, the purpose of this time is to show your clients how much you appreciate them.

During the meeting, you should consider telling them the following:

1. You are a very important client to me.

Who doesn’t want to be an important client? Make sure you tell them reasons that you know will matter to them, as to why they are important to you. This is not necessarily because they spend the most!

2. I will take the time to handle all aspects of your account personally.

When handling their account, make sure you follow through on this statement. You must take ownership of all aspects of their business with you. This includes: filling out application forms correctly, following up on any extra help they may have, acting on any issues they or the company have concerning their policy etc. Be sure you can deliver on these points.

3. I wish I had more clients like you.

What a great way to ask for referrals. I like you so much, I wish there were more of you! It’s so important to get this point across. Show interest in someone and they will instantly like you and trust you more, fact!

4. I will meet with you every month.

Meet on their terms. You should do periodic reviews at least once a month to build rapport and gain regular referrals. Don’t make them come to you. Let them choose the location if they like. This has great advantages if they choose to meet at their office. “My agent comes to me!” is a way of bragging to peers. You get to meet their co-workers. But of course, during our present pandemic, you can meet them online too.

5. I’ll send you a Birthday card!

Remember your clients’ birthdays and anniversaries. It might be a card or a phone call. Remembering is a way of saying: “I care about you.” Genuinely, you are not just trying to get more business. The point of this is to “add value” to the service you offer. Any Financial Planner can sell insurance, but only few can really look after their clients. You want to see your clients grow and become more successful and as they do, so will you.

6. I’m inviting you to an event we’re holding.

If you’re having a recognition event or a dinner seminar or webinar, Invite them. You can encourage them to bring their friends. This is another referral opportunity. Bring them closer to your inner circle and this will show them how much you really think of them.

7. I’d like to take you out for a meal.

Eating out socially is a massive part of the Filipino culture, so why not buy them lunch or dinner occasionally. It doesn’t need to be in a fancy restaurant, but it shows them you respect the relationship. It’s an opportunity to ask them to bring a friend, “Someone who you think I should meet”. During this pandemic, you can still send them some goodies via Grab or Food Panda.

Following these steps will cost you very little but will help you gain so much! It’s easy to show you really care about the happiness of you clients. It’s also rewarding for both you and your clients.

Happy nurturing guys!

-James Havell

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15 oct. 2020

Customer service is cliche let us go for CUSTOMER DELIGHT!

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