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Let's Get Social!

You’re everywhere.

You’re on Facebook. You’re on Instagram. You’re on LinkedIn. You’re on Twitter.

It is safe to say that even if there’s no lockdown, you’re all ONLINE (ALL THE TIME).

But are you really generating sales from these social media networks?

I bet most of you are not. Here are some of my proven tips on how to be effectively visible in your online network …

But first, I have a question for you.

How many of you posted Pioneer Info sheets or any marketing collaterals on Facebook but did not get enough likes or comments or worse, got no engagement at all?

Even myself, there were a lot of times before that I didn’t get enough likes or comments to my posts. Then I tried these tips on how to become visible on social media. Aha!

My Tip 1: Be visible as much as possible

If you respond to every single comment in social media, you will get more engagement.

Just leaving simple comments like “This is nice”, “Great shot”, “Looking Good” and even an emoji J is already enough.

In your Facebook network, they value your comments more than your likes.

This is the same with any other social media like Instagram or LinkedIn. Keep the momentum. This way, your posts will be likely to become more viral on Facebook.

And if someone also leaves a comment in your posts, respond to their comments as well.

Don’t just answer the comment. You may start having a small talk in the comment box.

Tip 2: Don’t just promote your products or services online (Big NO!)

If you keep on promoting your products or services online without getting social, you are missing the point. That is why it is a social media, you need to be social.

Every once in a while, you may post any quote or photo besides from the products or services that you offer so you will remain “social” on social media. This adds value to your network and keeps you engaged with your online followers. (More engaged, the better)

Tip 3: Share more

You may start sharing videos or video links or articles in your newsfeed related to your services or products. This will give you an opportunity for people to view what you posted, once in a while.

Tip 4: Start creating your own videos.

This will give you a lot more engagement. Go with the trend.

PS: Don’t worry! I will share more tips on how to create your own videos in my future blog post.

Through this, you may also promote your products or services even if it’s not face to face.

You may also use these videos if you have potential clients. It builds engagement and credibility at the same time. Be creative. Utilize the social media. Use it well.

Tip 5: Join relevant Facebook groups

You should not join any groups just because. You should know your ideal clients (who they are, what they do or what online group they are in).

For instance, if you are looking for potential clients who are entrepreneurs.

Now, how are you going to find them?

First, look for entrepreneurs’ online group on Facebook. Do a lot of research.

You may also google them.

Second, once you joined an online community, start to build relationships in a professional way.

This builds credibility and trust. Give yourself value to the group. Blend with them.

Do not sell or share your products and services right away.

Here’s the thing- even if you have a thousand friends or followers on Facebook, it doesn’t mean that the majority of your followers will see what you post (Don’t Assume!). But if you start with these tips that I’ve shared, I believe that this will give you a higher chance that your potential customers will notice your new stuff on your social media platform/s.

-AO Joyce :)

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